About Edenspiration

Welcome to Edenspiration, where we pride ourselves in sourcing products that are as natural, toxin-free, eco-friendly and organic as we can find for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Where it all began

The idea for Edenspiration came about in 2012, following the birth of my first child and wanting to raise her in as natural a way as possible.  At the same time, after being very ill, we had to make drastic changes to our lifestyle in order to reduce the amount of toxins my body was having to cope with in order to combat the effects on my health.  This is where my journey with natural living began and I became passionate about using products that were not only good for my family’s health, but that were better for the environment as well.

Caring for our world

As well as sourcing products that are eco-friendly, we also aim to do our part in protecting the environment by:

  • Reusing packaging – where possible we will reuse packaging sent to us to post items to reduce waste.  When this isn’t possible we will choose environmentally friendly packaging options.
  • Supporting The Bumblebee Conservation Trust – Bumblebees are amazing creatures who do so much for the environment.   Their numbers have been dramatically declining, and that is why we have chosen to support The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.