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HankyBook-the multi-use organic tissue book.

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An eco-friendly nose-blowing revolution designed by an engineering student at the University of California.

HankyBooks are made with 100% organic cotton and hand sewn in Southern California.  They are perfect for your pocket or purse to replace a packet of tissues, napkins or wipes.  It takes a lot of trees, water and energy to produce a disposable tissues, so by using HankyBook, not only are you being kinder to your skin, but you are being kinder to the planet as well.  HankyBooks are like a book with soft organic “pages” inside for taking care of tears, sniffles, wet hands or anything else that needs cleaning up.  There are 8 pages in all meaning you will get plenty of use out of the HankyBook before it needs washing. The patterned HankyBook cover means that your hands and pockets/bags remain clean.  Clever!

Some uses for the HankyBook include:

dealing with the runny nose from a cold or allergies

alternative to paper towels for drying hands

use as a replacement for paper napkins when having lunch out

glasses wipe

Lipstick blotter etc

Take the HankyBook with you on a walk, when cycling, running, hiking, camping, to work…pretty much anywhere.


HankyBooks, the soft, washable, resuseable eco-friendly alternative to disposable tissues comes in a variety of patterns.

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