Grab ‘n’ Go Finger Paint


Grab ‘n’ Go Finger Paint: an organic veggie alternative to tempera paint.

Made with real fruits and veggies.



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Grab ‘n’ Go Finger Paint by Wee Can Too is their safe, veggie alternative to tempera paint. ¬†It is ideal for older babies and ¬†toddlers who want to have a safe way to paint and still have fun in a natural and organic way. The Grab ‘n’ Go Finger Paint is free of harsh chemicals, safe for little mouths that enjoy exploring everything and smooth and silky in texture.

Wee Can Too paints are great for use on paper, sidewalks and even skin which is where babies love to paint most of all. An all natural paint that is gentle to the body and kind to the earth.

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free. Made with real fruit and veggies.

Each Grab ‘n’ Go Finger Paint kit contains: green made from real spinach, yellow from real pumpkin, pink from real beets and purple from real blueberries.

Age: 1+

Made in the USA.

Paint powders comes in 4 jars, tucked into a grab n’ go convenient tote. 8 ounces of powder paint, makes over 20 oz. of liquid paint!

Unlike the tottle bottle, the Grab n’ Go set caters to the DIY (do it yourself) momma, just add water in separate cups as your wee artist creates!


*please supervise children at all times.



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